Outdoor yoga at the retreat in the Hotel Rancho Los Lobos

Yoga in Andalusia

Experience deep peace and connection to nature.

Would you like a change from your regular yoga practice on the studio mat? Here in beautiful Andalusia you can not only go on vacation, but also take your asanas to a new level far away from everyday stress.


The way to your inner balance.

Outdoor yoga is a special experience that not only refreshes all your senses, but also promotes a new sense of self. The scent of innocence, the sound of nature with our unique landscape invites you to rediscover your inner self. Sometimes a little fly fight is also part of it, which you are welcome to see as an invitation to practice complete acceptance.
Our experienced yoga teachers cater to your individual abilities and teach in English, Spanish or German. Ask us about available lessons.

Yoga Asana outdoors at Yoga Retreat
Yoga is the practice of quieting the mind.
Yogini in Lotusitz in Andalusia

Holiday for the soul

Focus on yourself

Intentional rest periods are the be-all and end-all of leading a healthy and balanced life. In this way, everyday stress and anxiety, which are currently the most common problems among young people, can be brought under control in the long term.

A yoga retreat can often work wonders as we can focus fully on ourselves and not be subject to the usual distractions and responsibilities of everyday life. Due to the pleasant climate, Andalusia is a very popular destination for yoga and spiritual retreats, since it is possible to practice outdoors almost all year round. In addition to our own Relax Your Soul Retreat, you can also choose from a variety of retreats organised by internationally renowned yogis.

Regular yoga practice not only leads to more flexibility, strength and balance in the body, but these effects carry over into your daily life. When we are flexible in our mind, we can more easily deal with changes in life. This ability is proving to be extremely valuable where things are constantly evolving these days. Unexpected messages don't upset us so quickly when we are connected to our inner strength and have a flexible mindset.