Veganes and vegetarian food in the Hotel Rancho Los Lobos

Culinary delights

Meatless and wholesome dishes

Four times a week, Karl keeps you guessing with his meat free dishes. Your tastebuds will get extraordinary flavors and your eyes will have a feast upon them. You will never feel that there is anything lacking from your plate.
Attention to detail is just as important!

Vegetarian or vegan

You are what you eat.

We grow a large part of our fruit and vegetables ourselves and only use the manure from our horses and chickens as fertilizer, so everything is organic. What we don't have in our garden, we get from Pablo, our certified organic farmer in the village, for a balanced, wholesome diet.

We make many of Karl's spice mixtures ourselves from herbs from our own bed and in a lovingly bricked wood-burning bread oven from our good soul Manolo, we make the bread for our guests ourselves, with flour from an organic mill in Coín and natural sourdough made by ourselves.

Providing organic apple sauce in the Retreat Center Rancho Los Lobos
Vegan's picnic in the sunset in Andalusia
Vegan breakfast plate in the hotel in Spain

Healthy and wholesome

Start of the day!

We love breakfast!

For us, it is the best meal of the day. That's why you'll find everything on your breakfast table for a perfect start to the day: from freshly ground organic roasted coffee from the portafilter with foamed plant-based milk to freshly baked bread and homemade spreads to homemade Bircher muesli with berries and delicious smoothies.

Organic eggs from our own chickens in various variations, cheese and other delicacies from the region are also waiting for you in the morning. We also pick fresh avocados and oranges from the trees in the rancho garden; We will be happy to serve you later as freshly squeezed juice.

Spend some time with yourself every day.
Dalai Lama

Perfect For your health holiday

Fresh, regional enjoyment!

We cook for you four times a week with regional and fresh dishes directly from the region. We want to reconnect eating together with the origin of our food and support local farmers and producers.

Karl at the preparation of vegetarian cuisine
Vegan plate with a retreat with half board

Olive oil, fruits, avocados, honey or eggs, everything comes from Andalusia.Fresh herbal tea and specially filtered water are always available for you free of charge in the inner courtyard. If you get hungry in between, our tea kitchen is at your disposal, where you can make small snacks (please order in advance) and coffee.

Vegan Bowl with fruits in the Boutique Hotel Rancho Los Lobos
vegan rice dish at yoga retreat

Vegans Boutique Hotel

Vegan welcome!

On request, Karl also cooks vegan. His dishes are characterized by an affinity with nature and ingredients mostly from his own organic vegetable garden.

He dares new culinary paths, new vegan trends and culinary desires. Karl is constantly conjuring up new flavors and our vegan cuisine means excitement, a challenge for the palate and promises pure pleasure when eating.

Bachelor party in the Boutique Hotel Rancho Los Lobos

Own bodega in the hotel

Wine is poetry in a bottle

The wines that we serve are exclusively organic and are selected by us with a great deal of flair and taste. We ourselves prefer to drink the organic wines from Friedrich Schatz from near Ronda.

Organic wine at the sundowner picnic in Spain