Yoga Shala in Spain in the Hotel Rancho Los Lobos

Our philosophy and values - Holistic

Relaxation for body, mind and soul.

For us, holistic holidays mean "being in balance", being lovingly cared for and only doing what you want to do. Being in tune with Mother Earth and connecting with time hands free. No concerns of air pollution, a luxury to breathe in clear air these days and enjoy wholesome food.

You instantly feel the shift in energy vibrating through the air which enchants everyone when they first step through our old Iron Gate. A holistic oasis. An invitation to invest in your mental, physical and spiritual well-being is what we wish for our guests.

Mental Well-being

Our understanding of "Holistic"

What Managing our hotel holistically looks like- It starts as soon as we personally open our gates.They feel welcomed like old friends. We naturally feel so excited to share our home & cater for each and every individual need to ensure they truly feel held to settle and embrace their stay to their full advantage.

For us, a holistic approach also means togetherness. We take advantage of the networks we have. For our yoga classes we have very charismatic yoga teachers and all the other therapists have been working with us for a long time and enrich us with their presence.

Indian bags in the Souvenir Shop in Andalusia
Yogi at Asanas in the Retreat Center Rancho Los Lobos

We are authentic and live what we present to our guests. We stand behind what we believe and do it with love and honesty. Holistics are not a fad for us, it has always been important to us & the way we live. 

Everything in life needs balance, we have been intune with this for a while. Especially today, when so much is changing & not for the better. Social Media is wonderful to connect to like minded souls. Here is a place to be in real life and in real time sharing a current needs to be ignited. This is not a one minute wonder or scam to jump on the spiritual wagon.We live & breathe with our very greatest intention to do better for ourselves, our healers & community among us.

The whole is greater than the sum of its parts.

Low-Radiation Area

Switch off.

We are thrilled to share that we have taken great attention and care to ensure safe internet access.

NO WiFi, only internet via cable. There is no power pole around us and no flight path either, only a train drives by every now and then. In order to harmonize the minimal radiation that still surrounds us, we use a Memon Transformer.

The most innovative thing is that we are totally old-fashioned in many areas, according to the motto "Back to the roots". No digital locking system, orders are still taken by hand in the old-fashioned way, and we remember what the guest wants. There is a tally to write down in the bodega, we trust our guests. No perfectionism, but with us it is very human. The only innovative thing is our portable credit card machine – and we would prefer cash there too.

Buddha figure on the altar in the yoga zelt
Coffee break at the retreat in Spain
Body mind and soul in Andalusia

Mindful Vacation

Digital Detox

Cell phone parking

Eat, read, relax without distraction... In our courtyard you can leave your mobile phone in its parking space - and don't worry: it certainly won't run away.

Low-Radiation Vacation

Just as naturally as it goes without saying, there is no WiFi during the retreats, we practice digital detox. For the Internet, LAN cables with adapters are available free of charge for our guests at the reception. In order to keep the radiation as low as possible, we ask you to switch off WLAN, Bluetooth and mobile data on your cell phone and not to activate portable WLAN boxes for the health of all of us.

There are more important things in life than constantly increasing its speed.
Mahatma Gandhi

Sustainable Accommodation

Live Consciously.

Our water is cleaned with a Crystallus filter system and for a very special drinking experience we use an additional filter from Doulton for our drinking water, which you can fill in aluminum or glass bottles yourself for free in the courtyard.
We take care of our environment and to protect the climate, our air inverters in the rooms switch off automatically after 2 hours. Thank you for your help in protecting nature.

We don't use plastic

Plastic bottles are taboo here at the Rancho and as far as possible we avoid using plastic foil in the kitchen, we wrap the food in silicone or oilcloth. Nevertheless, it is not easy to shop without waste in Spain, but we try to bring as little plastic to the rancho as possible.

Fountain with a filter system in the Holistic Hotel in Spain