Samadhi oil bottles at the massages in the Hotel Rancho Los Lobos

Massages - Treatments @ Rancho Los Lobos

Deceleration and Relaxation

Enjoy our range of massages and Reiki. Your holiday should be the most beautiful and relaxing time of the year. Our therapists will treat you with great care and competence and pick you up exactly where you are.


The art of Massaging:

Sensing exactly what the patient needs is a gift and a wonderful gift. The medicine of the hands extends to body, mind and soul and recognizes the human being in its entirety. Our therapists are gifts for us, because they empathetically feel with their hands what is good for our guests. 

You can put yourself in the hands of our masseurs with confidence, and with their art of massaging you will feel whole and whole again afterwards. With high-quality oils from Young Living, not only is your skin pampered, but the variety of fragrances also takes you into a world of relaxation.

Massage with oil in Andalusia
Touch the body, calm the mind, heal the spirit.
Guest at Reiki during the Holistic Haeling


Reiki was developed by the Japanese scholar Mikao Usui (1865-1926) at the beginning of the 20th century and is therapeutic energy work that works on a physical, mental and spiritual level.

Reiki as an energy therapy is based on the idea of ​​changing energetic body vibrations: The energetic vibrations of the body that have become disharmony due to stress or illness are to be harmonized again by Reiki and the self-healing powers of body, mind and soul are to be stimulated.