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The French doctor Dr. Paul Nogier discovered and developed ear acupuncture, which has now been replaced by Dr. Frank Bahr and colleagues has been significantly further developed into a complex, perfect system. Today we refer to the entirety of all these findings as auriculomedicine, medicine via the ear. It now goes far beyond acupuncture.

The entire surface of the ear forms a reflex zone on which all the organs of the body are represented. This ear reflex system is the best-researched human reflex zone through which all organs, parts of organs such as bones, joints, internal organs, hormones and muscles etc. can be treated.

In auriculomedicine, the most important classes of remedies such as u. Homeopathic medicines, flowers, Schuessler salts or phytotherapeutics are included, as well as tests for vitamins, food, sources of disturbance and pollutants.

Auriculomedicine enables a holistic, holistic treatment of the human being on the levels of the body, mind and soul.


The kinesiological muscle test of the arm is a biological test method with which unconscious causes of problems and illnesses can be found and resolved. This test is a dialogue with the subconscious. The client will notice that the muscle strength of the arm changes while the therapist carries out the test.
When something stresses the body, the muscles react and the arm becomes weak. On the other hand, if a substance or a stated issue does not cause stress in the client, arm strength remains strong. In this way, the different areas and topics can be tested and queried on the body.
Psychological Kinesiology according to Dr. Klinghardt is a treatment method that combines elements of kinesiology, acupressure, systemic family therapy and psychotherapy.With the help of this physical reaction, the factors from all areas of life that have a positive or negative effect on the client are identified.


The RAC (reflex auriculo-cardiale, Nogier reflex) is a reflex of the nervous system on the blood vessels that can be felt on the arterial pulse.It is a response of the autonomic nervous system to the approach of substances to the body and especially to certain reference points, also called test points.In this test, the palpated pulse becomes somewhat stronger for a few pulse beats due to the nerve-triggered contraction of the artery, and the practiced person can determine a clear change in the pulse.

In the meantime, there is also scientific evidence for the existence of this pulse reflex, which critics have repeatedly doubted. Professor Moser from the Physiological Institute of the University of Graz was able to demonstrate this reaction without any problems by measuring ECG and various other measuring methods.

Based on Nogier's principles, Bahr (German Academy for Acupuncture and Auriculomedicine) developed a diagnostic system that allows a precise distinction to be made between symptom and disturbance focus points (causes) and the development of a point hierarchy. This is essential because the therapy can be more effective the better the causes have been found and treated.