Landscape Jimena de la Frontera in Andalusia

Holiday in harmony with nature

Activities in Andalusia

Hikes through untouched landscape, endurance mountain bike or e-bike tours right outside the door and the beautiful white village of Jimena de la Frontera not far from the rancho. Time seems to pass more slowly here.

Mindful time out

Thai Chi

Thai Chi is an ancient Chinese martial art, people in Asian countries practice it as a national sport. Now that the healing and positive effect has been recognized in Europe, it can be practiced as a health sport in many places.

We have hired a very experienced teacher who teaches the many facets of Tai Chi once a week with a lot of dedication and empathy. Body awareness is an important aspect of Tai Chi, so regular practice can correct posture errors, relieve muscle cramps and increase mobility. In addition, the torso area in particular is strengthened and the spine is relieved by the stronger postural muscles.

Thai Chi teacher in front of the Buddha in the garden of the rancho los Lobos
Sound bowl view
horse riding moutains of andalusia

Horse riding in Andalusia

Riding holidays in Andalusia

Being surrounded by horses is a valuable enrichment for us and fills us with great joy every day. Their sensitivity and impartiality towards people fascinates us, because they feel what we humans do not see. They have the finest antennae for moods and energies that are around them, every moment and with every living being.

Horses are prey animals and that is why this instinct is so incredibly important to them. They notice every attention, but also inattention and demand absolute clarity in dealing with them. Horses are wonderful teachers of emotions, teaching us to look and focus on what really matters.

Riders in the Los Alcornocales Nature Park

Paradise on vacation

Relax on a retreat in Andalusia

A place to settle and travel inside a little deeper with intention to discover yourself more in an unforgettable safe and nurturing environment or an adventure in the forest to be wild and free with nourishing food & a sweet place to Relax your soul. We want to give you the stepping stones to continue what you have gathered and stored from your stay & us e it home. To retreat with us comes from a natural and realistic place so that you can maintain & continue your practice at home when you return. Which means no crazy fasting or 6am starts.

Holistic healing retreat
Gong for singing bowl therapy during a yoga retreat
Vegan mushroom pan at the picnic in the sunset in Andalusia
Landscape in Andalusia

hiking trails and nature

Hiking in Andalusia

The hiking trails in Andalusia are limitless. Lace up your boots and explore the vast hiking area of ​​Andalusia, which is one of the most popular destinations in Europe.

Andalusia is exactly what hikers are looking for in spring, when the vegetation is exploding and the temperatures are pleasantly mild, in autumn when the summer heat has subsided again or even in the winter months. But it is also attractive to hike through the landscape in summer, as long as the rivers still have some water, a jump into the Rio Hozgarganta is a real blessing. Wild Swimming at its best.

In Andalusia, where nature is still very original, you can feel the honesty and down-to-earthness of life. You will meet goats, cows with their calves and even the bulls are still with us on the meadows and fields around our Rancho in the Los Alcornocales Nature Park.

Speak a new language to make the world a new world.

for cyclists

Biking in Andalusia

Flowing trails, crisp ascents and technical descents await you with us as well as comfortable, impressive and impressive dirt road tours. The paths around the Rancho Los Lobos are a hit for bikers and e-bikers.

Get on our top e-bikes and you will see where the next adventure takes you. With our e-bike partner Serendipity, you can experience guided tours with the latest e-bike technology that meet every requirement. Andalusia is the bike paradise, whether for e-bikers, racing cyclists or mountain bikers!

Dib Bikes in Andalusia
View of the castle of Jimena de la Frontera

Bio hotel in the nature park

Surroundings around the boutique hotel

Between the Sierra de Ronda and Algeciras, the castle towers on a hill above the white houses of our village of Jimena de la Frontera. The area has been inhabited since prehistoric times and the Laja Alta site has the oldest cave paintings in Spain, dating from around 1000 to 600 BC. Throughout the year there are numerous festivals in our village, such as the typical Spanish ferias with splendidly dressed Spaniards, flamenco events or even that circus festival.

Strasse in Jimena de la Frontera in the province of Cadiz
Landscape around Jimena de la Frontera in Spain

On the village square and in the streets, typical small bars invite you to linger and with a chat with the villagers you can feel the relaxed attitude to life of Andalusia. We love our village and are happy to take you to our favorite bars.